Gig Mindset

Learn now you can transform your customer experience with a new way of thinking.

"Do you feel swamped, with too much to do, too little time in both your personal and your professional life? Then you must read and adopt the Gig Mindset. It has changed Paul's life, that of his co-workers, and it will change yours, too."
-Stephane Kasriel, Former CEO of Upwork
"The gig economy has the potential to have a strong economic impact, providing job opportunities for a lot of people who would struggle to have opportunities otherwise. In many ways this will require a new way of thinking about the future of work. Paul's book provides insight into how to tap into the collective intelligence of all people, and is an important read as we think about the future."
-Michael Gough, Former VP design at Uber, executive leader at Microsoft, Adobe and Nike