Building a world where everyone is One Click away from an Expert

XpertLink was founded on the belief that the future of the customer experience is human, intelligent, and on-demand. XpertLink makes it easy to integrate experts into your existing customer experience while capturing leading-edge insights that enable personalization and innovation.

We are passionate about broadening access to opportunity

This passion is inspired by the work of the late Leila Janah, her book Give Work,  and her quote “Talent is equally distributed, the opportunity is not.”  It is more important than ever for companies to reach beyond their organizational boundaries and engage the world’s best minds to drive growth and innovation.  We are dedicated to unlocking human potential and giving all people access to opportunity.

Founder, Author, Husband, Father

Paul Estes has spent over 20 years driving innovation in fast-moving leadership roles at Microsoft, Amazon, MURAL, and Dell.  Hiring his first virtual assistant transformed the way he lived and worked, instituting a belief that every person is ONE CLICK away from an expert that can help them achieve their goals.  Over the past 5 years, he has been building On-demand expert platforms at a number of these companies. 


He is relentlessly curious, ridiculously energetic, and radically passionate about helping companies realize their brand promise by integrating experts into their experience.   As a person of privilege, he understands the urgent need for expanding access to opportunity and is dedicating his time and capital to building this future.  


Paul provides insights and perspective to over 100,000+ readers of his weekly LinkedIn newsletter each week and has published articles in Fast Company, TechCrunch, and Forbes.  He has shared his insights with a keynote speaker and panelist with Fortune 500 companies in the US and organizations around the world.